Literature, drinks, stripes and Sottsass veneer at Luddites Books & Wine. We designed the bookstore and wine bar. 

For the kids department of the bookstore in the semi-basement, we designed the bookcases with an eye catcher in the middle of the room. Walk through the bookcase and enter the wonderful world of children’s books.

In the general bookstore on the first floor, we took care of the counter, low cabinets, brass rack and central displays. Semi-circular slats are combined with brass for the center pieces. Perforated panels are used to hide the heating.

The wine bar on the second floor has striped wallpaper, green painted paneling, a bar with Sottsass veneer and velvet couches. Vintage Thonet chairs and round marble tables make it feel like you are back in time.

Project in collaboration with Dries Otten.

(pictures by Jef Jacobs)